Secretly happy that I locked my phone in someone’s apt by accident for the day. Won’t be able to get to it until tonight, somehow this is thrilling to me haha I hate phones.

I miss you guys. Trying to get my life together. New and old followers, no idea how you tolerate me, but I heart y’all.


I trip over the same rock repeatedly,

you’d think that I’d learn by now.

Instead I pick up the rock,

put it in my pocket, take it home,

allow it to lay in my bed,

tend to it,

feed it rock things (dirt or more rock buddies I guess?),

I paint it, I adorn it.

The rock and I are now closer than ever.

The rock is my struggle, my struggle is the rock.

My hands are empty and my eyes are sore,

I really don’t wish to be a rock for much longer.

From one stone to another.